Located in the Highlands near Douglass Loop, the 1600 square foot Pilates studio is equipped with a full array of traditional Pilates equipment designed to help students build flexibility and strength in ways that make Pilates different than any other form of exercise.


todd brashear owner of Wild and Wooly Pilates in Louisville

Todd Brashear found Pilates after years of poor posture and desk work left him with a frozen shoulder. He felt immediate relief and decided that Pilates must be magic, as it was unlike any form of exercise he had ever tried. The exercises, equipment, theories, and history of the method intrigued him so much that he eventually decided to become a teacher. He recently completed the 950 hour Advanced Teacher Training program of the Pilates Center of Boulder. Todd was the owner of Wild and Woolly Video for 18 years. He also played bass on Slint’s seminal album “Spiderland”. He loves to explore the outdoors and his adventures have included trekking to the base camp of Cerro Torre in Patagonia and an attempted winter Presidential Traverse in New Hampshire. His favorite place to explore, however, is the Red River Gorge here in Kentucky. He is married with two sons.

Press and Affiliations

Wild and Woolly Pilates has recently been featured in local Louisville KY TV news