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What is Equipment Pilates?

As the name suggests, equipment Pilates uses specialized fitness equipment designed for Pilates. The primary piece of equipment used is called a ‘reformer’. Invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates, the reformer resembles a bed-frame with a flat platform atop (called a carriage). This platform rolls on wheels forward and backwards. Underlying springs provide varying levels of resistance as the carriage is pulled or pushed along the frame by your legs or arms.

At Wild and Woolly Pilates we also use other equipment such as the Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Tower, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Ped-o-Pul, and Arm Chair. All designed by Joe Pilates himself!

Who is Equipment Pilates Right For?

Although many beginners opt to start with mat exercises, equipment Pilates is great for individuals of all skill levels.  At Wild and Woolly there are times that we use equipment with beginners or those who have injuries and we assess where you are to know what works best.  That said, given the added resistance of springs, equipment Pilates is an often-ideal choice for those who exercise regularly or who have achieved some level of fitness. It is also ideal for those looking for increased muscular strength, size and tone.

What are the Benefits of Equipment Pilates?

The benefits of equipment Pilates are many, and encompass the body, mind and spirit.

Physical Benefits of Equipment Pilates

Balance, strength, and flexibility are the most prominent physical benefits class participants in Louisville, KY enjoy. The added resistance of springs and the versatility of equipment continually challenges even the fittest or experienced class takers, resulting in increased strength, tone and results.

Mental Benefits of Equipment Pilates

The movements of Pilates invigorate the mind as much as the body. Classes are known for reducing stress, improving mood, boosting self-confidence and even enhancing memory. Physical movements and posture improving techniques, combined with mindful breathing techniques have a big impact on overall mental well-being.

Classes for Any Level of Student in Louisville

Wild and Woolly Pilates is open to students of all skill levels in Louisville and surrounding areas. From novice beginners, to those with years of experience, there is a class perfectly suited to their needs.

Wild and Woolly: A Valued Asset in the Louisville, KY Community

Since it’s inception Wild and Woolly has worked hard to give back to the community in which it operates. We believe in making a positive impact through the exercise of the mind, body and spirit, and in doing what we can to better the greater Louisville area for everyone to enjoy.