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Private Lessons

Single Lesson$90
4 Lessons$320
($80 each)
8 Lessons$600
($75 each)
private pilates lesson

Duets (2 people)

Single Lesson$60/
4 Duets$200/
8 Duets$360/
duet pilates class

Whether you’re a beginner looking for additional help getting started with proper form, or an experienced Pilates practitioner seeking to be challenged, our private Pilates classes can help.

What is Private Pilates?

If you’ve been searching for “private Pilates lessons near me” you likely already have a good idea of what these lessons are all about. Private Pilates lessons provide individuals, one-on-one instruction, guidance and coaching through each session.

Who Are Private Pilates Lessons Right For?

Private lessons in Pilates are right for those who would like individualized instruction, expert one-on-one coaching, and customized lesson plans utilizing all the available Pilates equipment. Private lessons have the added benefit of being tailored to each individual’s unique needs, body type and goals.

What are the Benefits of Private Pilates?

The benefits of private Pilates include the same mental, physical and even spiritual benefits found with our other classes, but with the added benefit of individualized attention and personalized lessons. Plus, we utilize the full selection of equipment available, to help you reach your goals.  Those interested in leveling up their skills, improving mobility, enhancing flexibility, toning up, losing weight, and more, will all enjoy the benefits of private lessons.

Benefits Include:

  • Individualized instruction from expert instructors
  • Customized lessons tailored toward your goals
  • Classes mapped around your unique body type or injuries
  • Faster progression mastering movements and positions
  • Privacy and discretion
  • And more…

Private Lessons for Any Level of Student in Louisville

Are you looking for a jumpstart when getting into Pilates? Or perhaps it has been a while since you’ve practiced and you need help with your form. Do you have a specific goal in mind that is unique to you or that needs additional attention? Private Pilates classes at our’ Louisville location can help.

No matter your goals or situation, we can form a plan to help you achieve them.

Private Pilates session at Wild and Woolly Pilates in Louisville KY following all COVID-19 d=safety measures

Wild and Woolly: A Valued Asset in the Louisville, KY Community

At Wild and Woolly Pilates, we take great pride in bringing world-class Pilates instruction to the Louisville, KY community. As a locally owned and operated business we work hard to make Pilates fun, exciting, enjoyable and affordable for local area residents.

Our private lessons take everything students love about our group classes, and applies those aspects to a private setting where students can have their unique needs met. From introductory classes, to mastering over 500+ positions, techniques and moves, our talented instructors can help you achieve your goals. Reach out today and experience the Wild and Woolly difference.